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Burning suggestions & Scent description


Our wick is perfectly cut to allow the candle a nice clean burn. If cut, it might not generate enough heat to burn all the wax completely. However if the flame gets too high it might need a small trim to allow the candle to burn the suggested time.



La Cresent Our signature scent taken from a grape we grow in our vineyard.

Orange Blossom- Refreshingly sweet.

Mojito- Fresh mint with a hint of lime.

Sour cake- Famous family recipe (cake) with sweet lemon.

Sangria- Sweet and fruity.

Spa Day- Peppermint with a hint of eucalyptus.

Key Lime- Fresh sparkling lime.

Brambleberry- Soft, sweet with a hint of cinnamon.

Teakwood- Manlier scents (customers say freshly showered man). Our daughter Keegan's favorite!

Pink Grapefruit- Your space will smell clean and fresh!

Vanilla Pipe- Warm pipe with a hint of vanilla.

Jazz- Jasmine.

Honeydew- Our son Nolan's favorite, soft and sweet.


Nana's Punkin Pie- Like a warm pumpkin pie cooking.

Autumn- The perfect amount of fall with a hint of spices.

Gran's apple pie- Perfectly sweet apples and spice.


Christmas- Close your eyes and visualize a crackling fire with your Christmas tree aglow, that's the soothing smell.

Mistletoe- Spruce with a hint of soft sweet.

Peppermint Patti- Smells like warm chocolate little minty.

Spruce- Smells like being outdoor in Tahoe.